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  • Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 23 540 798 - 799
We always act in the name of our client. A potential customer will not be able to determine that we are an external service provider. We hand over your business card and always behave according to your CI and CD.
In the first phase of the sales process, mainly sales - or rather acquisition know-how is required. If in the course of initiating business there are inquiries for technical or product-specific details or even for prices and conditions, we refer to the responsible specialist from "our" company. "Nice that you are interested, the best thing to do is to speak to our responsible consultant / project engineer / developer etc."
If you have an address book, we can use it if it is up to date. If not, we select individually from our own database or from Internet databases with the appropriate selection option.
Nice that you are interested in our services. We would be happy to provide you with an individual offer tailored to your needs. For this we need some information from you. Here is a rough guide: We are not expensive, but also not cheaper than salaried sales staff - but much more flexible. You only pay us for what we do, not for time or daily rates.
Our fee always contains one or usually two variable factors. However, the basis is always a moderate fixed fee. This depends on the type of task, whether only telemarketing or field service, whether only first and subsequent visits or support during the entire sales cycle and and and ... We never work on a commission basis. Since we are involved in establishing contacts and acquiring new customers, we would have no basis for calculating a commission anyway.
We work on the basis of a service contract. Section 87 et seq. HGB, which regulates the rights of commercial agents, does not apply to our work. This means that there are no claims for us, such as compensation payments or severance payments. Unlike sales representatives, our sales and field staff do not work for several companies, but for a maximum of two companies at the same time.
We want to support your existing sales team, not replace them. There are various options for delimitation and division of tasks, which we agree in advance. How we distribute the tasks and which interfaces we define is determined individually according to the existing situation and the goals to be achieved. The focus should be on maximum success, not status thinking and safeguarding the acquis.
We do not sell trivial products, contracts or subscriptions and are only active in the B2B area. Our telemarketing employees all have a commercial or technical education and are deliberately older. Our employees do not receive telephone scripts, but corresponding suggestions for the first contact, questionnaires, case studies and selling stories. They have to talk the way their beaks have grown! The employees are briefed accordingly, introduced to the projects and coached on-the-job. You won't find any pupils or students with us (except for pre-qualification or surveys)
We work in Germany and in German-speaking countries. Projects in English are also possible. We can also carry out special projects to open up new foreign markets. We are looking for suitable sales staff with the required language skills and experience with the respective regional culture.
As quickly as possible. As a rule, we are able to start new projects within two to four weeks.
We only work with freelance sales professionals who have relevant sales and field experience. Of course, we try to employ employees with the appropriate industry experience from our sales partner pool or recruit specifically for your project. As part of our regular recruiting measures, we are continually expanding our pool in order to be able to provide employees with the required know-how and wealth of experience as quickly as possible.

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