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Smart Non-contact Infrared Digital Thermometer

Model No.: BLS-1103

Key Features

Smart responding and prompt reading

Designed for human forehead temperature metering

High-precision temperature sensing detector to be used for accurate metering

Overhigh body temperature alerting

32 read-out values recorded, smart memory

Backlight LCD display, soft light and no dazzling

Easy to measure and read in darkness

Mute mode to be available

Switched between Centigrade and Fahrenheit

Both human body and objects can be metered, one-key switching

Can measure temperature of water, milk and food

Auto switch-off in 10 seconds, smart energy saving

Comply with international product standard CE

Quote may change due to market conditions

Project Details

  • M.O.Q.: 10.000 pcs
  • Pay Terms: T/T ( 50% - 50% ) Red Clause L/C or Standby L/C
  • Price Terms: 32,58 US$ FOB
  • Last Update: 23 Apr 2021
  • Category: Diagnostics